Board Formed & An Invitation to Become a Member Today

As snow lightly dusts the ground for what seems to be the start of an early winter, it’s reminiscent of this past February and these three snowmen who were still in the shop window. Back then, we were just testing the idea that a beloved fabric store could live on as a consumer-owned co-op in South Minneapolis. More than 400 people responded positively to the dream of keeping fabric arts close by.  Our mailing list has surpassed 550 and we continue to grow.  We appreciate your interest in our progress and we hope you'll become a member soon.    

Here's What's Going On:

We are hard at work in the implementation phase.

Two big wins for October came through!  We have formed a board and our final financing application is under review with Shared Capital Cooperative.  They continue to be energized about our project and are looking forward to working with us. A third win is on the tip of our tongues, as we finalize the lease for 3400 Bloomington Avenue (the former home of Glad Creations). Our Finance and Membership Committees are putting together the operational and opening plans. 

Now is the time to become a member. Please join us.

We are deeply focused on increasing membership and momentum. 

We are personally asking each of you to become a member of the co-op today. 

Take a minute to remember what brings you joy about the fabric arts.  Is it quilting, sewing, creating or community? Or is it simply the love of beautiful fabric? 

It is essential we double our membership by year-end. Members are the life-blood of any co-op and more members will greatly enhance and expedite our funding options. Increased membership will ensure our Spring opening in 2020 does not push further into the future. We want to fill the shelves with fabric you love and provide notions and classes.  We want you to be part of our community.

As the holidays approach, give a gift of a membership to yourself or someone you know who loves to quilt or sew or make gorgeous art projects with fabric.  The investment is one that will last far into the future.

You can print out or share the attached membership form below and send in a check for $120.  (Remember membership is a one time lifetime investment.) 

In the upcoming months, we’re planning some opportunities for you to meet the board and other co-op members.  For now, here’s a quick introduction to the new board members.

Board Members

Steve Budas, President
Jackie Dutdut, Vice-President
Maggie Wirth-Johnson, Treasurer
Jennie Baltutis, Secretary
Amy Swanson, General Member
Mickey Foley, General Member


Quilt Shop Co-Op MN Team
Fabric.  Notions.  Community.