Busy Summer

It's been a busy summer working with the lenders, lawyers and consultants to finalize the fundamental building blocks of the co-op -- location, governance documents and fundraising/membership plan. The primary focus has been on ensuring all the legal aspects of the plan are in place to move forward. 

We met this summer with Shared Capital Co-op, an essential lender. They are excited about our project and were impressed that our membership was pushing 225. Shared Capital will assist us in building relationships with additional lenders and will provide experienced perspectives as we build equity through memberships to our next goal of 500. 

Timeline & Location

We’re excited to be in the final negotiations toward signing the lease at the 3400 Bloomington Avenue in October. You’ll be the first to know when the space is ours for member meetings and other activities to build membership and prepare for opening in early Spring.

Our Second Wave Membership Drive is kicking off now! 

You build your community owned store by becoming a member or recruiting a member!  You can become a member today by printing the membership form attached to the bottom of this email and sending it and a check in the mail to us. 

Membership promotion will include another email blast and mailing to previous Glad Creations shoppers, then reaching into the broader community through neighborhood organizations and businesses, including the healthy network of cooperatives in the metro area. Publicity through a variety of social and broadcast media will follow, as well as meetings and events. 

Working Committees:

Our Membership Committee will lead these promotional efforts. Additional members with promotional experience, time, and energy are welcome! 

Our Finance Committee is forming as well. Let us know if you have financial management or small business expertise, we are interested in you if you’re interested in serving on the finance committee.