I am Quilt Shop Co-op, are you?

Meet our Members

We would love to start highlighting our membership on social media! We invite any members of Quilt Shop Co-op to reach out to us at info@quiltshopcoop.com or on our Facebook page. You can share how you came into quilting, your favorite projects, photos, why you joined Quilt Shop Co-op, or anything else you would like. Community is a central pillar of our organization, and the ongoing pandemic hinders the way we would normally gather together. Let’s get to know one another digitally.

We also welcome our members to share a photo of themselves holding our new “I am a member” signs. You have two options- one is fully colored already and the other is a coloring sheet so you could create your own quilt blocks. We cannot wait to see what our members come up with.

Signs can be downloaded here:


Annual Meeting: 11/7/2020

The Annual Meeting will be held virtually on November 7, 2020. More details to come! If you are having issues receiving emails from us, please reach out to board@quiltshopcoop.com so you can receive updates in a timely manner.


Board of Directors: Two Vacant Seats

A reminder that we are accepting applications for two vacancies on the Board of Directors. There is more information on our last blog post. Here are the details:

Completed Board Applications must be received no later than September 30th, 2020. Your application can be submitted by email to board@quiltshopcoop.com (please list subject as Board of Directors Application attn: Board Secretary) or by mail to:

Quilt Shop Co-op
Attn: Jennie Baltutis, Board Secretary
P.O. Box 17164
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Application link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HPMZCwpFMm1kjCwJhnWO_-mxaSCVx3Nj/view?usp=sharing


Warm Regards, 

Quilt Shop Co-op