Online Possibilities

The last two weeks have seen wild weather changes, a tiny glimpse of normalcy for a Minnesota spring. In any event, we are all still hunkered down waiting for the day when we can, at least partially, return to the activities we enjoyed before this began.

The co-op board of directors met on April 9th to discuss some potential options for Quilt Shop Co-op in light of the uncertainty the pandemic has presented.

We've considered several options from offering internet sales before the shop opens, to a “soft opening,” to the possibility the storefront opening may be delayed until next year.

In looking at the financials and reviewing the options, we made a decision to research the possibility of launching modest online sales in this interim period, while also continuing to increase membership. Online sales were always part of our shop plans, but we had planned for them to roll out after the storefront opening.  Now there may be an opportunity to begin earlier. There are many moving parts to this possibility that will require us to do some further research and scenario planning.  However, we think this is a favorable and exciting option. As things develop, we will be updating you. 

Member numbers continue to grow which is very heartening.  We are up to 331!  Please tell your friends about the Quilt Shop Co-op, or buy a gift membership for someone you care about.

We’d like to know a bit more about how you're filling your days during this time.

Everywhere people are making, wearing, and donating masks to others to help in the fight against spreading the virus. Some mask patterns use quilting fabric; some patterns call for cutting up sheets or tee shirts.  People who haven’t sewn a stitch in years, or ever, are digging out and dusting off their sewing machines to help create masks. It seems they’re re-experiencing what a pleasant hobby it is to create something with a sewing machine or by hand, and they feel inspired to continue sewing.

Are you doing this?  What are you working on?  Hop over to our Facebook page and tell us.

Please suggest to any mask-sewer, closet quilter or fabric artist you know to consider buying a membership now for that day in the near future when they can buy beautiful fabric, notions, patterns and classes right in the heart of South Minneapolis...or maybe online.

The Quilt Shop Co-op Board