Post-Its & Surveys

Some of you have been following us for more than a year now and we know you're anxious to see Quilt Shop Co-op open its doors.  We are too! The board is moving along in assessing the feasibility of starting online with a modest offering that would be available for curbside pick-up and shipping. Many factors and post-its go into making this kind of a switch and we are gathering as much information as we can.

Here is an important way you can help. If you are a member or part of our email list, we sent you a survey that will allow you to share with us what you are dreaming of buying during this unprecedented time. Your participation will help us better understand your needs and wants and it will help us put together the best sales mix to start. 

Member Numbers
Member numbers continue to grow!  We are up to 340!  We're just 10 away from 350.  Today is a great day to join or tell your friends about Quilt Shop Co-op. 

Current members should also check email for the latest Statement of Sources and Uses, which is a snapshot of our financials for the past year. 

Board Opportunities Available
We are also expanding our board, so if this opportunity interests you, please send us an email at and we'll get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity. 

Facebook Fun - What Tunes Do You Sew To?
There's a long weekend ahead.  Will you be sewing? Tell us what tunes you listen to while stitchin' and rippin'.

We really appreciate your continued support.  Have a safe and healthy weekend. Keep sewing. 

The Quilt Shop Co-op Board