Shop Plans During Uncertain Times

Signs of Spring are popping up all over, adding brief moments of delight during a very unsettling time for all of us. We're thinking of you and we know many of you may be wondering where things stand with respect to the opening of Quilt Shop Co-op given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Stay-At-Home orders. 

On April 1st, the board met by phone to discuss different possibilities for the co-op’s immediate and more distant future. We are reviewing timelines and scenarios of different types that will allow us to keep the co-op moving forward.  We're considering several options from offering internet sales before the shop opens, to a “soft opening” this summer with a gradual increase in inventory and hours later in the year, to the possibility the store front opening may be delayed until next year. Your membership and support are the reason we can even consider several possibilities in this time. This is the power of a co-op model.

In the span of three short weeks since we saw so many of you at the open house, everything as we know it has changed. There are unknowns that may impact our plans. We hope the month of April answers many questions, both about the virus and about the economy. These answers will inform our next moves, and we will keep you updated as we know more and have news to share.

We are humbled and surprised by folks continuing to join as new members and lend support, despite economic uncertainty.  We know you are sewing at home, using up your stash and dreaming of the the future.  We're dreaming with you.

Thank you all for your support. Stay safe and healthy. Keep sewing.

The Quilt Shop Co-op Board