About the Co-op

The idea for a quilt and fabric co-op was born when Glad Creations closed after 42 years. A strong community of sewing and quilting enthusiasts wanted to keep a shop in South Minneapolis. That’s when we decided to launch a project to turn it into a consumer owned co-op.  We are looking forward to opening the store in the Spring of 2020 with a strong demonstration of local and regional support.

The co-op will offer high quality fabric, notions, and classes for quilters and sewists of all kinds. Like food co-ops, members will have input into the types of merchandise and classes the shop offers and receive benefits like special events. The shop will be open to the public and plans to remain at 3400 Bloomington Avenue.

What is a consumer-owned co-op?
A consumer-owned co-op is a community owned business whose members share ownership and benefit from its products and services.  Each member owns an equal part of the co-op through purchase of a one-time investment share.  All members have one vote in governance.

How is it structured?
Members democratically elect a board of directors and the board of directors serves the interests of members as a whole and looks at the future of the organization. The board hires a manager/CEO and that manager hires staff and oversees the day-to-day operation of the business.  Annual meetings are held for members.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • Shop locally for high quality fabrics, notions and classes, and receive assistance with projects from friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • Attend special member-only events

  • Influence inventory selection and class topics through periodic member surveys  

  • Receive quarterly discounts once the shop is in a financial position to offer them
  • Gain access to community meeting space 
  • Receive a patronage refund, as determined by the board of directors in profitable years
  • Engage in supporting a small business in the local community